DIY Giving Back

These were Easter Baskets I made for Project Safeguard to give to moms who file for a protection order the week before Easter.

Come up with your own giving project and then make it happen.

This is the funnest way to Give Back because it’s what you want to Give and How! Select a charity and research ways they need assistance. Pick one that you’ll enjoy and follow that journey until it’s accomplished. Next month pick another…

There are unlimited ways you can be of service to non profits, you just have to find the way that works best for you.

  • Host a Food Drive
  • Make Care Packages for Cancer Patients
  • Birthday gifts to shelters
  • Feed the Homeless
  • Take Pictures during non profit fundraiser
  • Design a website for non profit
  • Organize a Fundraiser for a cause
  • Clean up Community Areas
  • Create Art for Charities
  • Have a ‘Yard Sale’ for a Non Profit

Start with a cause you want to help in your community. Pick a project or create one of your own. How would you enjoy giving back? Turn your birthday party into a food drive or start sewing blankets for homeless. You create the impact you want to make in the community.