Take the Giving Challenge

How many different ways are you going to make a positive impact this year? Can you make Giving a Habit?

#1- Register and spread awareness of your favorite non profit on your profile. How can others help them? Share upcoming fundraisers, Wishlist or volunteer opportunities. Only those signed up can see other members, comment and share images. By simply looking through profiles, you’ll be aware of new non profits from around the world!   

#2- Use the KALICOS map to research and find other non profits near you that need help. Maybe you can’t donate funds but you do have items to donate. Or you have an extra day to volunteer? Or you want to simply post and spread awareness of their cause on social media. Non profits need different kinds of help everyday of the year. Make finding new ways of helping a challenge! 

#3- Becoming more aware of the non profits in the community, you can easily find ways to incorporate helping them. This is a challenge where you experience the impact! How many non profits did you help last year? Can you double that this year? 

By tracking your Giving you can challenge yourself while being in a community of people doing the same.        

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