Shopping for a Cause

Shopping at HOPE TANK in Denver Colorado, a shop that gives back to a different non profit with every purchase.

How can your holiday shopping help a non profit?

Do your shopping at a non profit or with a company that donates a portion to a non profit! Depending where you shop, buying items for the house, pets and gifts can all be a way to give back. There are a number of non profits where every purchase benefits their cause and I’ll share the ones I know about.

Online Shops

Amazon Smile (% goes to charity)

Amazon Wishlists (Buy items for non profits)

Non Profits Online Shops

Websites Giving Back

Local Non Profit Shops

Second Hand Stores for a Cause

Make it a goal to shop at Non Profits every month. Research non profits near you that you can shop at when you need gifts for friends, cards or yummy treats.